Home Mortgages

Welcome to your one stop shop for home mortgages. Whether you already have a mortgage or are a new home buyer, securing the right mortgage can be a tedious task. Those currently holding a mortgage will know that on average every five years, you will be renegotiating your mortgage term for a better rate, better pay-back options, etc. For the new home buyer, navigating around the mortgage industry can be a confusing new experience but be rest assured that the more informed you are the more informed choices you will make.

If you are a first-time home buyer please visit our First-time Home Buyer’s Guide for a comprehensive walk-through of all the components you will need to think about before making your move towards homeownership.

If you need a new mortgage for a house you are intending to purchase, or simply need to understand how much you can afford to put into a new property purchase, click here to learn about our options to helping you secure a new mortgage.

If you currently hold a mortgage, but are unhappy with your term, rate or are reaching your maturity date follow our link to refinance your mortgage. Using MyTerms.ca to refinance your current mortgage can have multiple advantages, most notably to increase your leverage via the lender by using our bargaining power to secure a better rate and term.