Repair My Credit

Having good credit in Canada is extremely important as it helps you with securing loans with better terms and conditions, and of course lowering your interest rate. But many individuals suffer from bad credit either due to unexpected life events or through uneducated choices. If your past choices have reduced your credit score, don't lose hope. There are always ways to repair your credit and re-establish your financial independence.

Become more knowledgeable about factors that affect your credit score and ways to improve your credit. With the guidance of our qualified agents, we educate our clients about ways to increase their credit score and provide them with the necessary tools to maintain a healthy score.  Find out how to repair your credit.

Our credit repair services are designed to meet our client's individual needs. Here is a quick look at how we help our clients improve their credit:

  1. Perform Assessment Analysis - we analyze your credit report, score, history and significant life events that impacted your credit..
  2. Create a Personalized Action Plan - we prepare a step-by-step customized guide to improve your credit.
  3. Ease the Stress - we help you deal with collection agencies to settle unpaid collections.
  4. Follow-up Services - we update erroneous or outdated credit information with the credit bureau, get you rescored, and listen to your concerns.

Read our client testimonials and learn how we have helped our clients reach their desired credit score.