The MYTerms Advantage

Meet all your mortgage needs with a convenient platform provided by Whether you are thinking of buying a home, need to refinance your mortgage or want to consolidate your debt, we are here to help. With years of experience in the mortgage industry and great relationships built with multiple lenders, we can help you negotiate a mortgage term and rate that best fits your needs. Let us connect you to multiple lenders that will compete for your business.

We connect borrowers to lenders in the most positive and effective way. By carefully assessing our clients’ circumstances we are able to best present them to prospective lenders. As professional mortgage brokers, we understand lenders’ guidelines and help you to navigate through the complex mortgage process with ease. With one application, our clients are able to access multiple lenders and their vast array of mortgage products.

But we don't stop there! We actively stay connected with our clients, providing a guiding hand from start to finish. Think of us as project coordinators who keep all parties involved in your mortgage process (solicitors, lenders, appraisers and real-estate agents) in the loop. By taking on extra responsibilities, we take much stress off our clients and give you a peace of mind. What sets us apart from others is our superb customer service and our clients agree.


  • Superb customer service. Be heard and get expert advice from qualified licensed mortgage brokers. We don't work for any banks, we work for our clients. See what our clients have to say about MyTerms service.
  • One application, one credit report, multiple options. Accelerate your mortgage approval process without wasting your valuable time.

Many consumers do not know the difference between a licensed mortgage broker and mortgage representatives of major banks. Do you know the difference?